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Water Regulating Valves: Preventative and Ongoing Maintenance

HVAC Technician

Making an Easy Switch to Metrex Valves

Any system that has moving parts is going to wear down over time. This is especially true of systems that have moving parts with water around them, because water is notoriously corrosive. Brackish water and seawater are even tougher on these types of components. As a result, valves tend to break down over time. The lifespan of a valve in its environment is about five to seven years, at which point it will need to be replaced.

Lately, Metrex has been getting a lot of calls for valves with compatibility in systems where a competitor’s valve was previously installed. While of course we’re always happy to have the opportunity to introduce new clients to our products, we’ve been curious as to why they aren’t opting for a straight replacement of the valves they were using before. After all, putting a new type of valve into an existing system can involve a certain amount of additional retrofitting and adjustment, so it’s not usually anyone’s first choice.

When we asked, the two reasons repeatedly cited to us have been:

  • Lack of availability of parts
  • Customer service issues

The Importance of Availability

While we weren’t able to get much information on why the valves they might have originally used weren’t available when they needed them—either the customer didn’t share or weren’t told why they couldn’t get the parts—the reason isn’t necessarily that important. When someone is working on an HVAC system in the field and can’t get the valve they need in a timely manner, they’ll look for another solution. As with any product, they’ll turn to the next source in order to be able to move their project forward.

We’ve found, as we’ve communicated with technicians in the field, that in most cases the modifications needed to retrofit a pre-existing system with a Metrex valve are not that difficult. Two-way valves are the easiest, but even the pipe modifications needed when a three-way valve is called for can be done without too much trouble. Those doing the hands-on work in the field are pretty good at it (and getting better all the time!), so ultimately it is less of an inconvenience to change the piping arrangement than might be expected.

The valves we’ve been getting calls about are typically 1/2-inch to 2-inch valves used in commercial HVAC systems for large buildings. (We make all the way up to 12-inch valves.) These are products we carry in stock, with 24 SKUs available to be shipped off the shelf immediately. We can ship out the same day the customer places the order, overnighting it if necessary.

In addition, we have many other models that can be provided with a five- to seven-day lead time. We maintain a stock of the components needed to build them so they can be built to order, but they’re ready to be assembled because we don’t have to machine any parts. We encourage anyone who has been frustrated in finding the valves they need to call our friendly customer service department to learn about Metrex’s alternatives.  

Discovering “Set and Forget” Reliability and Responsive Customer Service

Our customers have told us they love Metrex’s quality and design. We utilize O-ring seals for pressure barriers where a lot of our competitors use a diaphragm. Why the difference? O-rings are typically stronger and more reliable, helping to provide the consistent performance our products are known for. The bottom line is that nobody wants a leaky valve.

While we pride ourselves on “set and forget” reliability, we know that backing up our quality with responsive customer service is key to a good customer experience. Whether you have questions on what kind of valve to purchase, need insight on how to achieve optimal performance, or need a rebuild kit to get the maximum service life out of your valve, we’re here to help.

To learn more about how American-made Metrex Valve can keep your HVAC maintenance on schedule and your systems running smoothly, contact us today.


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