Water Regulating Valves for
Commercial, Marine & Nuclear HVAC

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About Metrex Valves

Metrex Valve for Speed, Flexibility, Quality and Value

Metrex Valve delivers a complete line of self-contained, self-powered and self-regulating valve solutions that save energy and money. It includes:

Today Metrex is the most trusted manufacturer of refrigeration and heat transfer control valve actuators and regulators in the world.

When a system requires durable flow control to hold precise refrigerant temperature and pressure through a wide range of operating conditions while maintaining peak operating efficiency, successful project managers and engineers turn to Metrex Valve! They count on the “set and forget” reliability.

For over 60 years, Metrex has designed and manufactured innovative pressure and thermostatic actuator valves, high-pressure HVAC water regulator valves, electric actuator and seawater condenser regulator valves. We make hundreds of off the shelf control solutions.

Metrex manufactures ASME Nuclear qualified and Mil-Spec Military Marine qualified valves.


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Metrex Valve delivers a completely self-contained,
self-powered and self-regulating valve solution that
saves energy and money.