Water Regulating Valves for
Commercial, Marine & Nuclear HVAC

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Design Engineers Welcome Metrex Valve Team Spirit

For over 50 years Metrex Pressure Actuator Valves, HVAC Water Regulator Valves, Thermostatic Actuator Valves and now Electro-Hydraulic Regulator Valves have been a standard in the industry. Known for fast and flexible solution in HVAC Water Regulating, High Water Pressure Systems, Seawater Condenser Regulation, for Refrigeration and Heat Transfer applications, Metrex Valve means precise control in a wide operating environment. Solutions will be customized to your exact specification in a friendly and collaborative environment and supported by a complete test facility. We are an ideal design partner.

Metrex Valve delivers a complete self-contained, self-powered and self-regulating valve solution. We offer custom designs and products made in a wide variety of materials to handle a large range of load and temperature. Proven operating and seal technologies deliver “set and forget” integrity and reliability. All valves are fully supported with spare parts for easy maintenance.

Metrex Valve delivers a completely self-contained,
self-powered and self-regulating valve solution that
saves energy and money.