How Metrex Valves Work

A two way valve brings fluid in one way and out another. Three way values either mix by bringing fluid in with two valves, then sending it out by one valve or diverting fluids by bringing in with one valve then sending it out by two valves.

Metrex valves control water flow in response to pressure or temperature changes. Pressure actuated valves modulate the water flow in response to a pressure signal and are primarily used to stabilize the refrigerant head pressure in water cooled refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Due to the regulating action of the valve, the flow of heat removing water through the condenser keeps pace with the load on the refrigeration system and the refrigerant head pressure is maintained within a relatively narrow range.

In a typical refrigeration application, as the load on the chiller increases, the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant entering the condenser will rise, causing the valve opening and the water flow to increase.


2-Way Valve Upstream of Condenser

2-Way Valve Downstream of Condenser


3-Way Valve in Diverting Configuration (Standard Configuration for all Metrex 3-Way Valves)

3-Way Valve in Mixing Configuration (Optional Configuration for some Metrex 3-Way Valves)


  1. Restrictor Option: Recommended for use in systems with high pressure drop, high pump pressure supply or large pressure differential between supply and return: > 25-35 PSI. Consists of an orifice plate or plug valve sized/set to produce a pressure drop and reduce flow to a condenser and water regulating valve. May be placed anywhere in common line upstream or downstream of the condenser and a valve that sees total circuit flow. Proper sizing of restriction reduces high velocity flow across valve seat and eliminates requirement for special internal trim sizes.
  2. Balance Valve Option: Used to equalize circuit resistance in both valve legs so that total resistance and flow does not vary with change in valve opening. Also used to help produce minimum required pressure differential between valve inlet and downstream drain line connection (not shown) on certain Pilot Operated Valves. Consult valve Technical Data Reference for more information.