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With supply chains around the world hopelessly snarled from a succession of shocks, companies are rethinking the growing overreliance on overseas components and goods that has made so many industries vulnerable to disruption from shipping problems. In the process, they’re discovering that some of the best solutions available are made right here in the U.S.—including the best marine valves.

Metrex Valve has been designing and manufacturing innovative valves for a variety of applications under the most demanding conditions for over 60 years including pressure, thermostatic and electric actuated HVAC water regulators and seawater condenser regulators. Serving both the commercial marine and defense industries, we design our valves to the highest standards of quality for unmatched reliability. Here’s why our clients trust us:

Superior Quality, Superior Value

When it comes to critical components, value isn’t determined simply by the initial price you pay. Instead, value is determined by the time and money you save through top-quality craftsmanship that ensures long-term reliability. Our valves are designed to maintain peak performance to optimize capital equipment life. When we say our customers can “set and forget” our valves, we mean it—and they know they can count on it. We also fully support all our parts with rebuild kits to keep your valves operating at top efficiency.


Metrex’s commitment to quality is exemplified by our defense contracting history. We manufacture Mil-Spec military marine qualified and ASME nuclear qualified valves and provide the U.S. Navy with self-contained and electric actuated valves primarily for use in seawater heat exchange control. Supporting the growing defense industry requires that suppliers meet the highest quality standards in manufacturing and demonstrate a commitment to providing reliable service over the long haul.

Our full line of military-qualified marine service HVAC valves includes complete self-contained, self-powered, and self-regulating refrigerant pressure-actuated valve solutions in addition to precision microprocessor-controlled electric actuated valves. Metrex’s electric actuated qualified valves include both electro-hydraulic linear globe style actuators and ¼-turn electric rotary-style actuators. Both pressure and electric actuation valves deliver precision flow control for optimum HVAC chiller or process control. Our seawater-resistant valve solutions maintain precise flow control under a wide range of load and seawater temperatures. In addition, our valves offer optimized lift vs Cv opening characteristics for optimal, reliable performance even at high turn-down ratios.

We bring the same attention to detail and commitment to quality that characterizes our work for the defense industry to the valves we manufacture for the commercial shipbuilding market. Commercial vessels, from cargo ships and passenger liners to fishing boats and tankers, face the same challenging conditions while at sea as military vessels, and Metrex delivers the essential reliability that quality-minded customers have come to expect.

Expertise & Experience

As an industry-leading U.S. manufacturer, Metrex doesn’t only carry a wide range of off-the-shelf products for both common and specialized applications. We also custom engineer valves for the specific requirements of our clients, made in many different types of materials to handle a variety of different operating environments. If we don’t stock it, we can build it- made to order, using the latest in design and production methods and equipment. Our experience in designing and producing valves made for use under the most challenging conditions make us your source for the right valve for the job.

U.S. Sourcing

During the pandemic, too many industries have been throttled by delays and shortages caused by parts stranded overseas or stuck on container ships unable to dock. Located in the Southern California community of Glendora near Los Angeles, Metrex is able to provide better freight options and supply chain connections to ensure you’ll get your valves on time, not weeks or months past the date you need them.

From our founding, Metrex has been dedicated to providing our clients with cost-effective, innovative, dependable control systems. If your business is ready to discover what has made Metrex a trusted industry leader for decades, contact us here today.


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