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Keeping Your Metrex Valves at Peak Performance with Rebuild Kits

These days, too many products and parts are designed to be disposable—when they wear out or no longer work as well as they should, we’re encouraged to throw them out and get a new one that will break down just as fast (if not faster). At Metrex Valve, our values are just the opposite. We design our valves to last for the long run, with set-and-forget reliability that our customers have come to depend on for lasting performance. Over the course of a long service life, however, even top-quality valves can develop a leak or other issue.

When this happens, replacement shouldn’t be the only option for a fix. Metrex supports our valves with rebuild kits that allow you to restore peak performance without having to purchase and install a costly, needless replacement. Here’s what to know about your options for rebuild kits and service at Metrex.

Standard Kits, Custom Kits, and Rebuild Service

We offer two categories of rebuild options for all our valves. The first is a general purpose rebuild kit that corresponds to the valve that needs to be refurbished. Typically, this kind of standard rebuild kit comes stocked with the components on a valve that can be expected to wear down over time, such as O-rings, seat discs, and stem guides. These kits are conveniently available off the shelf, so that the parts you’re most likely to need to service a Metrex valve can be shipped out fast.

In addition, our kits offer options for customization. Our standard kits are designed to help you with the most common repairs, but we know that isn’t going to cover every situation. Every rebuild kit can be customized with additional parts such as bellows assemblies, valve seats, diaphragm housings, and more. (To learn what each kit contains, you can download rebuild kit tables from our online store for the valve in question or call our customer service team.) In cases where the customer prefers to send the valve back to us for service, we can do a tear-down, evaluation, and rebuild from a kit in-house before sending it back.

The second category of service tends to involve more specialized valves, such as a valve with an electric hydraulic actuator, where a client may not feel they have the expertise to handle a rebuild on site. In these situations, they send the valve back to us. We’ll do a complete tear-down, salvage the parts we can, rebuild the valve with a factory warranty for one year, and ship it back to the customer.

The Importance of Supporting Our Products

For a contractor working on a chiller or an HVAC plant in the field, coming across a valve that can’t be serviced because the parts aren’t available is a disaster. With Metrex, that won’t happen. We’re dedicated to making it simple to get the parts you need fast, whether you’re looking for a standard off-the-shelf rebuild kit or a customized kit with additional components. And unlike with parts from overseas, you won’t have to deal with long lead times or extended shipping delays.

Our updated website is designed to let you easily identify and purchase what you need. Most importantly, we keep our rebuild kits in stock, because service is a natural part of maintaining capital equipment. You can be assured that for as long as your Metrex valve is in operation, we will help provide the support you need to keep it at peak performance.

U.S.-Made Quality and Reliability

For over 60 years, Metrex Valve has been designing and manufacturing high-quality valves in Southern California. Our products are designed to maintain peak operating efficiency to save energy and money as well as optimizing capital equipment life. If you’ve just installed a Metrex valve, our set-and-forget reliability means that it will be years before you’ll need to think about service—but when you do, we’ll be there with options to fit your needs. To learn more, contact our friendly customer service representatives here today.


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