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Why U.S. Made HVAC Valves Are in Demand


The ongoing delays in overseas freight that have been disrupting business across the U.S. and around the world have a visible reminder in the waters outside of the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles that shows no sign of going away anytime soon. The massive backlog of container ships waiting to dock and unload their cargo has only continued to grow over the last few months. As of October 5, a total of 90 ships were at port in Long Beach and Los Angeles, of which 63 were waiting in drift areas or at anchor.

To understand how unusual and troubling this situation is, in pre-pandemic times it would be unusual for more than one ship to be waiting to dock at any given time. Currently, ships can be waiting up to a month in port before they have the opportunity to unload, not only delaying the movement of their cargo to its final destination but also sending ongoing shocks through the global supply chain as ships and containers are tied up as well.

Unfortunately, there’s no expectation of near-term improvement in this situation. The ports are operating at only 60 to 70% of their usual capacity, and nearby warehouses are almost fully occupied. This means that companies waiting on foreign-made products will continue to experience significant delays in receiving shipments.

The Impact on Manufacturing

Businesses lured into sourcing parts from overseas manufacturers by low prices were able to ignore the risk in relying on sources located halfway around the world when shipments from abroad arrived in a timely fashion. Now just-in-time inventory management practices that depended on regular deliveries of products on demand have left companies without the critical components they need for manufacturing and repair due to the ongoing freight disruptions. The realization is growing that the pandemic did not create the weaknesses of the global supply chain—it is only making them obvious.

As a result, both U.S. and overseas companies needing to keep their operations moving have been looking for alternatives to foreign-made components. In growing numbers, these companies are turning to U.S.-made products such as Metrex valves to meet demand and to bypass the supply chain bottlenecks that have been throttling production.

The Advantage of U.S. Sourcing

It was once common wisdom that companies could get a better deal on goods and products from abroad, but the devastating cost of shipping delays and idle production lines is forcing companies to reevaluate that belief. At Metrex Valve, which has been designing and manufacturing valves in Southern California for over 60 years, we’ve known that companies choosing an industry-leading U.S. manufacturer for their supply needs can rely on:

Quality: Our valves are designed to maintain peak operating efficiency, saving you time and money and optimizing capital equipment life. We pride ourselves on delivering “set & forget” solutions that our customers can count on for unmatched reliability, and we fully support all our parts to ensure long service life.

Timely delivery: U.S. production also means better freight options and supply chain connections. You’ll get your valves when you need them, not weeks or months later.

Custom engineering: In addition to our wide range of off-the-shelf products, Metrex Valve can custom engineer valves for marine and commercial HVAC applications. Whatever your needs, we can create a valve that meets your specific requirements.

Suitability for demanding applications: Our experience in designing and producing valves for use under the most challenging conditions gives us unparalleled expertise to meet growing demand in the aerospace and space industries, among others.

Our complete line of self-contained, self-powered, and self-regulating valve solutions includes pressure actuated valves, thermostatic actuated valves, HVAC water regulating valves, electric actuated valves, and seawater condenser regulating valves. If your business is looking for an expert U.S. manufacturer to dependably source valves, Metrex provides the utmost in quality and reliability. To find out more about the durability and flexibility of Metrex Valve products, contact us here now.


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