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Metrex Valve, located in Southern California produces made-in-America HVAC control valves that are self-contained, self-powered, and self-regulating. We offer quality engineering and careful customization for precise marine, commercial, and industrial water-cooling and control applications. The value of our product is not just in its pricing but in the longevity and durability of each and every valve. Additionally and most importantly, the customer and technology support we offer is like no other. Our staff is just a phone call away for all field reps and technicians and we are always on standby to answer questions when they arise. The consistency in the quality of our products is so high, we are endorsed by both the US military and the US Navy. We provide this superior value, quality, and service to each and every client with whom we work both domestically and internationally.


We provide our customers with overall cost-effective, innovative control systems that optimize efficiency, reduce cost, and operate as a ‘set and forget’ solution. Our products save energy, money, time, and your investment in capital equipment. For over 60 years, we have designed and manufactured innovative, reliable valves, making us one of the most trusted names in refrigeration, water, and heat transfer solutions.


Our friendly experts are available for both customer and technology support from the initial inquiry through the long-term lifespan of our products. If your specific question is not already answered on our extensive Frequently Asked Questions page, you can reach our experts over the phone, via e-mail at info@metrexvalve.com or via our website’s Contact Us page.


We offer a variety of Navy-qualified electric and electro-hydraulic regulating valves. These include Electro-Hydraulic Linear Style Actuators for globe valves and ¼ turn Electric Rotary Style Actuators for ¼ turn valves. “Actuators also provided with 0-5K Ohm position feedback capability ” Rotary Valves can be provided with 4-20mA positioning capability. The mil-s-901 is shock qualified, the mil-std-167 is vibration qualified, as well as the mil-f-20042-150# and 250# flange. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, which promotes the art, science, and practice of multidisciplinary engineering around the globe.


Metrex Pressure Actuator Valves provide an enormous amount of design flexibility in air conditioning for commercial or industrial buildings. Applications include multi-story high-rise facilities, requiring high water pressure service, leased space, and computer or telecommunication rooms. Our valves include water pressure reducing valves, water regulating valves, r410a valves, water pressure regulating valves, seawater condensing valve, and marine valves.

Our commercial marine HVAC valves are seawater resistant, enabling them to deliver precise flow control over a wide variety of load and seawater temperature. This precise control is enabled by the optimized lift vs Cv opening characteristics for better performance at high turndown ratios, available in our marine valves. We have five families of condenser seawater regulator valves which allows us to offer a broad range of two-way and three-way solutions for marine applications. Our commercial marine solutions are perfect for submarines right through to commercial cruise liners and more. We work with both domestic and international shipyards, and can provide engineering consultation for should that be required. For more information about our products, to work with one of our friendly experts to specify the right solution for your needs, and to receive a quote, contact us now, here.


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Metrex Valve delivers a completely self-contained,
self-powered and self-regulating valve solution that
saves energy and money.