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HVAC: Specialty Herb Plantation and Environmental Controls


An indoor specialty herb and spice grow room is a vibrant, living ecosystem. Each stage of any indoor specialty herb plant’s life cycle requires unique humidity and temperatures to maximize the vitality and chemical profile of the final product. Thus, in specialty herb cultivation, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are a critical component of creating an optimal growing environment. Though genetics are undoubtedly another deciding factor, even the best strains will fail without a workable growing environment.

Financial Considerations

HVAC systems will likely be one of the largest expenses a business comes across when considering the upfront purchase and installation costs alongside long-term operating and maintenance costs. Because of the significant impact on a business’s budget and its day-to-day operations, it is vital to select a reliable HVAC system, made with durable parts, that will help optimize operations from the start. Taking the bottom line of your business into consideration is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to HVAC system selection. To optimize your cultivation operation, you must find a balance between cost and efficiency. Finding this balance in both the short term and the long term is critical to the sustainable success of your business.


Pests and disease can be devastating to indoor specialty herb cultivation. Cleanliness is critical every step of the way, from seed to harvest and packaging. HVAC units can be used as a tool to minimize contaminants. For example, HVAC systems can keep the air inside always at a slightly higher pressure than outdoor air. The positive pressure and an air filtration system helps prevent pests from entering the space.

Temperature is another critical component when considering the growing environment. A real challenge can be in providing HVAC units that meet the high sensible heat loads that are present during the lights-on periods. These systems also need to be able to provide high levels of latent cooling as the plants transpire. Temperature, humidity and airflow must all be considered to optimize the cannabis growing environment.

HVAC functions such as air conditioning allow the growing environment’s temperature to be kept within a 5 degree range all year. Additionally, an HVAC system allows growers to utilize growing methods like CO2 enrichment, which can increase yields dramatically. So, while an optimal HVAC setup is a substantial investment, the reward is dramatically obvious.

Metrex Valve

At Metrex Valve, we provide a complete self-contained, self-powered, and self-regulating valve solution. With the widest variety of HVAC water regulating valves Metrex Pressure Actuated Valves provide the most design flexibility in air conditioning for your agricultural technology needs. Our valves are designed to maintain peak operating efficiency and our products will save you energy and money while optimizing capital equipment life. By providing customized designs and products, we can manufacture valves that fit your specific requirements. All of our valves are fully supported with spare parts for easy maintenance.

The success of indoor specialty herb cultivation is integrally linked to partnering with the right companies to create an ideal growing environment design. Meeting the highly specific demands of a specialty herb cultivation environment through temperature, humidity, light and process control is critical to success. Working with a reliable HVAC system is critical and ensuring the valves on those HVAC units function properly is equally important. To find out more about the durability and flexibility offered by our products at Metrex Valve, contact us here now.


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Metrex Valve delivers a completely self-contained,
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