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2021 Trends in Commercial HVAC


COVID-19 has affected the way many industries do business, and soon it may affect the very spaces in which we all do business too. In order for many workers to return to an office environment, these spaces are striving to meet a new level of safe and sanitary that adheres to CDC guidelines. One important aspect to consider is how to effectively filter, circulate and sanitize the air in shared and common spaces to reduce the spread of viruses. For many, the emphasis on this goal may generate a “new normal” for commercial HVAC systems.

In order to consider the new requirements that commercial spaces might need to adhere to in order to ensure a safe work environment for both employees and clients, companies must evaluate what options exist to improve air filtration and sanitization in shared office, retail, and industrial workspaces. Where previously HVAC units were primarily about cooling, now, sanitation and ventilation are critical aspects to consider.

As our understanding of COVID-19 developed to an awareness of aerosols as contaminants, some building codes required outside air to be introduced into the building to dilute these contaminants.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has issued a list of recommendation, among which are upgrades to a minimum MERV 13 filter and use of ultraviolet lights in the airstream. Previous studies have also shown that optimal humidity range for human health and reduced infection rates of seasonal Influenza and other viruses is 40-60% relative humidity.

Also, worth considering is the trade-off in both cost and in energy usage as a more efficient filter will have a higher air pressure drop. Though many healthcare facilities will likely already meet the new ASHRAE recommendations, places such as offices, retail, education and hospitality businesses are likely candidates for filtration upgrades so that more people can return to utilizing these spaces.

Valves are critical to the successful operation of large water-cooled HVAC systems which assist in the heat exchange process by regulating cooling water through the system. These valves are each uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of the HVAC system. For example, some valves can only stop or throttle the flow, while others are built with a bypass function which divert cooling water in a loop as opposed to through system when it is not needed. 

At Metrex Valve, our American Made water regulating valves deliver set and forget reliability. We support all conventional and R410a HVAC applications. For over 60 years we have designed and manufactured innovative valves. We offer self-contained, self-powered, and self-regulating valves. Successful project managers and engineers turn to Metrex Valve for both our reliability and flexibility.  Applications include multi-story high-rise facilities requiring high water pressure service, leased space and computer or telecommunication rooms. Designed to maintain peak operating efficiency Metrex Valve products will save energy, money and optimize capital equipment life.

Find out how our valves can meet your specific requirements with custom designs and products made in a wide variety of materials. Contact us now HERE.


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